Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Alive! It's Alive! And That Is Good!

We see a lot of small business websites. Many of them a not much more than a business card. Name, address, phone number, a little bit about the company, something about products or services, directions, done. We see one page websites that really are business cards, and we see multi-page sites as just described. They have one thing in common: They are dead. Lifeless. Deceased.

An effective website is ALIVE! It has information that people might want to know. It is updated constantly so it has the most current relevant information, product information, photographs, personnel. It is a living thing in that it is constantly evolving and becoming more--more valuable, more relevant, more productive. This one thing is the item that we see missing the most.

A website can be a great tool by itself and an extremely good tool when combined with other marketing tools such as a blog, links to social websites, email marketing to name just a few. It becomes alive with these additions and will be healthy and continue to grow as it is properly and regularly fed and managed. The amount of money that this need cost is extremely small compared to other forms of advertising that small businesses take for granted.

Don't build or have a website built and then just put it out there and think you will get much for the expense and trouble. The Internet is actively alive and dead sites just sink to the bottom. Think of it this way: Take your business card, go down the street and nail it to a telephone pole, then go back to your store and wait for the rush. That's what many expect from a website. Dream world. A better plan is needed. We can help with that.

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