Sunday, September 8, 2013

Check Out Wendy VanHatten's Newest Children's Book - "Max and Myron I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me"

Max and Myron Series (Book 3)

Welcome to the Max and Myron series. These books are about a boy and his cat. The authors have written them in a manner to teach both reading and social skills for young children.

The Max and Myron series is designed for young readers who:
  • Are learning to read in a left to right progression
  • Are recognizing sight words
  • Are learning new words
  • Are recognizing beginning and ending sounds
  • Are discovering new words by using pictures as clues
  • Are learning by interacting in the conversations as Max talks to Myron

The Teaching Guides for Children provides sentence frames. These sentence  frames can be used to extend the reader's vocabulary and sentence usage capability.

A High Frequency Word List is included in every book. This high frequency word list facilitates the young reader's word recognition and serves as a ready review tool after the book is finished.

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