Monday, April 2, 2012

Wendy VanHatten Is A Personal Writing Coach

Writing is a labor of love as well as a journey. It’s how you get there that matters. Throughout my career, I have been a magazine and book editor, author, freelance contributor, travel writing course consultant, professional blogger and even a college professor - but I have not done it alone. I have utilized a writing coach.

To a serious author, the value of a writing coach is priceless. It is an investment in yourself. A good coach helps a writer with character development, story lines, prompts, critiquing, and overall skills, but a great coach is serious about taking you to that next level. There is a difference between sympathy and empathy on your writing journey. I know. I have been there.

I will help you with the journey. My personal writing coach program is ideal for fiction writers, essayists, nonfiction authors, and bloggers. From your first idea to the final edit, I personalize my work with you and draw upon my experience to help you reach your personal writing and publishing goals.

No matter what you are doing…jump starting your novel, becoming more serious about getting your memoir on paper, turning your blog into a readable book or eBook or finishing your how-to manual…as your writing coach, I will:

·         help you identify and prioritize your writing goals
·         show you how to overcome challenges that interfere with your writing progress
·         offer suggestions and critiques to improve your writing
·         hold you accountable to drive you to the next level

You will get my personal time and investment with:

·         three feedback emails per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for six months
·         one half-hour phone session per month regarding your writing
·         my review of 20 pages (double spaced, 12 font) of your writing per month
·         additional suggestions and prompts regarding your writing

Additionally, as you continue in your journey, you can use: 

·         Free writing guide to assist you in tracking your writing
·         A 10% discount on proofreading and editing services
·         A 10% discount on any additional critiques
·         A 10% discount on any online writing courses offered by me
·         Referral bonus. Refer friends and colleagues to me and once their program is paid in full, you receive your cash back bonus.

My rates are affordable and can be customized to fit your specific needs.  

·         One to one phone or face to face consultation: $50 per hour (one time per project or manuscript)
·         Creative editing or critiquing with recommendations: $50 per hour (one time per project or manuscript)
·         Complete Personal Writing Coach program: $100 per month for six month period

Contact her at or at 707-685-9478 to discuss your needs and where you are in your process. From there she will work together with you to formulate the best plan for your journey.

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