Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your Ideal Client by Wendy VanHatten of VanHatten Writing Services

Recently I read a post by Antoinette Skyes, about defining your ideal client. This made me think about my business.

As a freelance writer and editor I started out by taking anyone and everyone on as a client. In hindsight, was that smart? You could argue it either way. I needed business. I needed clients. I thought I could help them somehow. Did they all work out for me? Nope. Were some better than others? Yes they were.

Thinking back, I did have ideal clients. I just didn't define them as such. And I have moved to accepting those types of clients over the years. What about the rest? They usually do not make the cut. How did I get there? And how can you get there?

It doesn't just have to be writing or editing related. You have ideal clients in any business. If you are a business owner, it's important for you to know your ideal client. Everyone wins.

When I find clients I love to work with, everything runs better and smoother. I do better work. The give and take between my work and what the client expects is seamless. Issues are not really issues. Those clients end up being pleased with my work and in turn refer me to similar clients. My business grows as a result.

And this doesn't just have to be for new business owners. After having been in business for several years, I still review my clients. Actually I have removed clients from my list. In turn this is good for my business. I end up with more ideal clients, my work is more productive, and I can move my business forward.

Think about your business and your ideal clients. Are you serving them to the best of your ability? Are you working too hard and getting nowhere? Can you put your finger on those clients you love to work with? Do you have clients you dread or are frustrated with on a daily basis?

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate your clients.

Note by Terry Minion, Upward Trend: Wendy VanHatten is a writer, published author, editor, writer helper. She can be reached at 707-685-9478 and her website is Wendy's writing services has been a great help to me with a book I'm writing as well as articles, assistance with company manuals, and more. Wendy is wonderful to work with, worth far more than she charges, and I think would be a great asset for anyone looking for a bit of writing help to a full-on editor or ghost writer. All of us at Upward Trend highly recommend Wendy and VanHatten Writing Services.

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