Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Repurchase After A Short Sale - Solano Mortgage


We at Solano Mortgage feel strongly that good people that have had to do a short sale should be able to repurchase a house. The key question that everyone is asking is:: How long do I have to wait ??? We have the answers.

We have a program that will allow you to repurchase immediately following a shortsale as long as your credit rating is excellent and your income is sufficient. We also can help you get prepared to purchase as soon as your waiting period passes if you have some derogatory credit and your income is sufficient.

Start the process NOW! Get your credit scores in order NOW. To find out all of the facts and get started on your strategy for either repurchasing or doing a shortsale today call our 30 year veteran branch manager JIM PORTER at 707-449-4777 or email jporter@solanomortgage.com REALTORS are also welcome to call with questions.

Solano Mortgage is a 21 person net branch of First Priority Financial which is a direct mortgage banker and one of the largest mortgage brokers in the United States . We have a great reputation and can effectively do loans in all of Northern California .

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