Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Business vs. Funny Business

eBay is a wonderful marketplace to find good things and bargains too. It is also great place for entrepreneurs to give a go at selling online because it is an inexpensive learning ground.

I started an eBay store back in 2004 and at one time had over 12,000 items on eBay. The store is still on eBay, but I have only a few items now, not having the time I used to dealing with it. Nonetheless, in that time I sold a lot of stuff and developed a high feedback number.

One thing that always amazed me was what people said in their listings that they would not do. It reminds me of that old phrase, 'I don't do windows,' then the list starts growing.

I get notices of certain items offered for sale and I ran across one that stood out. There was this long dissertation about how they do business and it just made me laugh. It is ridiculous and all about them. I love the second line telling what their 'paramount objective is. . . " If you ever sell on eBay, I highly recommend you not do this. For your viewing pleasure, here is the exact quote from the listing (I'm sure they put that in all their listings):

I ship my auctions as fast as I can.
My paramount objective is to encourage my customers to continue buying as many of my auctions as possible!
Please read my Ebay feedback to see what people are saying.
I understand people don't always look at things the same way so I would ask that you please work with me if you have any objections before you leave feedback.
Also please ask me any questions you might have about an item before an auction ends (so we can avoid any misunderstandings).
Without a doubt there are some people who seem to enjoy trying to tear down other peoples reputations.
Very rarely I will be left poor feedback from a customer (no matter how hard I attempt to address their concerns). I do ask that you work with me before leaving negative feedback. I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
I am sad when people seem to revel in such negative behavior and I know that sometimes, no matter what you do, there will always be a few customers who sadly won't take "yes" for an answer.
I say a prayer for all concerned and Thank God He's our Creator, Savior
and that He has reserved a place in heaven for all of us who believe in Him!
When I get a neutral or negative feedback, it hurts my opportunity to stay in highest standing with Ebay. The 20% discount Ebay gives me when I am in highest standing with them, really helps me save on my auction costs. This really helps me to make ends meet.
I have 2 young girls and I am a single dad. I need to support my family by being the most professional and responsible Ebay seller that I can be.
I am happy to respond to all your auction questions with a quick accurate answer that I'm sure you were hoping for.
If you have any ideas that would enhance my describing the item better, I am available to improve my description!
I know it is important to provide the best pictures I can, but I must admit my camera and I sometimes struggle to get just the right light, color and clarity.
I inspect each item I sell and I do my best to point out any imperfections related to each listing.
Forgive me if I miss something on an auction that might make you think my item has not been properly described.
I am always willing to work with my customers!
I am happy to return any item that you choose to return (for any reason)!
The only exception on returns is IF an item has been professionally graded (because the problem then becomes the grading companies responsibility to review the item and make a financial adjustment if they agree that they goofed).
I combine shipping costs on your multiple winning auctions.
I do my best and use extra care when packing your item(s) so they arrive intact.
Please contact me before you would leave neutral or negative feedback.
My motto is "live and let live" and we all know the impact poor feedback can cause. I am always striving to put a smile on your face and I believe there is a solution to every Ebay transaction.
Sometimes items get lost, damaged or a description may not seem exactly accurate to you. All I ask, is that you contact me - so we can work together to work out a happy conclusion .
Honest mistakes regarding auctions (omission of details, misinformation, the wrong item shown etc.....) will occur. These mistakes are inevitable and my willingness to make things right is also inevitable.
There have been many times when I issue partial refunds because the shipping charge turned out to be higher than it should have been.
This is usually because multiple winning auctions were not combined by the automatic Paypal invoices that Paypal generates.
Sometimes I can miss these "non combined" shipping charges.
Please point out to me if several winning auctions did not have their shipping charges reduced. These auctions had to be reasonably close to each other in terms of when they ended (so that the items can be combined in the same package)..
If you plan on bidding on multiple items (that have a big gap in time between when they end on Ebay), please inform me in advance what other item(s) you were interested in.
This way I can keep track of all the items you acquire and I will wait until the last auction has ended (again, so combined shipping charges will be adjusted lower).
Please believe me when I tell you that my aim is to have you become a happy and contented regular customer. I am blessed with many customers who follow my auctions continuously!
I generally put my items up with "no reserve".
Sometimes auctions will sell for next to nothing. I am happy when that happens because my customers can be assured that my auctions are honestly posted. There are times that I lose money on my auctions. Again,I believe this is a good thing because the integrity of my auctions has been established.

Please! do not bid on any of my auctions if you are uncomfortable with the shipping charges. It is frustrating when someone pays for their item(s) and then leaves me bad feedback because of the shipping charges (which they were aware of ahead of time)?
I am not trying to make money on shipping charges, I need to buy shipping materials and I charge a fixed amount of money for shipping by estimating (to the best of my ability) what I believe my actual shipping costs will be.
Thank you for your winning bids and God bless you and our's."

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