Monday, October 4, 2010

The Value Of Business Cards . . . Or Not

I was watching some YouTube videos about business cards. There are many of them. This guy is really intense about having the best business card and calls all the others, crap: Well, that's definitely one opinion. . .

Then, here is a unique business card that has a USB 2 GB memory stick in it. It could be interesting:

I've thought long and hard about this business card thing. There are a zillion different quite unique ways of doing business cards, and I've had some creative ones myself, but at least in my experience, I don't see that it matters very much. You see, I have a file drawer full of business cards. I mean full. It wouldn't matter how pretty, unique or colorful the card is, it is most likely buried in my drawer.

The ones that are from people I care about are in there too. The only difference is that I have transcribed their information into my database, and/or I've friended them on Facebook (isn't that an interesting word. . . friended. . .?), or LinkedIn, or somewhere else where I can communicate with them, or watch their communications.

In other words, there is some kind of relationship. All the others in the drawer were acquaintances, one-time meetings, or something like that, but the key point is there is no relationship. In fact, I might even argue the point that a business card is a waste of money period. If you talk to someone and you don't develop some kind of beneficial relationship, the card is worthless.

Yes, I have a business card. An inexpensive one like the guy above was putting down. I've made my choice. What is yours?

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