Friday, October 1, 2010

There's Something To Be Said For Laziness.

"You can't teach people to be lazy--
either they have it, or they don't"

-- Dagwood Bumstead

"If you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy man,
he will find an easier way to do it."

-- Hlade's Law

Throughout most of my life, the concept of being lazy was not a very positive thing and that is saying it mildly. As I now see things, laziness has a great place in the scheme of things--even creative things.

I love the phrase, "if you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy man, he will find an easier way to do it." Well said. For all intent and purposes, that is the famous Toyota Production System, and many like concepts of finding the easiest, best, most efficient way of doing a thing. In fact, Henry Ford's introduction of the assembly line thinking into auto manufacturing is a very lazy way of doing things, but it certainly improved production, speed of the line, worker safety, worker satisfaction, and the list goes on very long.

There has long been a tendency in human affairs to complicate the simple. A lazy person wants very much to simplify the complicated. Why have a double Masters degree when the college of common sense will prevail in the end? We have this tendency to complicate every thing, including education.

I think of myself as a teacher much of the time, and my favorite and most effective attribute is to simplify the complicated. I talk about commercial trucks in a way that a child could understand it and this makes it more effective, simpler and more useful to a wider audience. Truth be known, I do it first for myself so that I may fully (or as fully as is really necessary) understand the subject, then in teaching it and demystifying it, it is spread.

We do this in our all new website business at Upward Trend. We simplify the complicated area of websites, blogs, email newsletters, marketing, sales, and so on so that businesses can do what they do best and be better as a result. If fact, it was this simplification that has made all the differences in our growth. Now, virtually any business, no matter the size can benefit from and understand our services.

We are always looking for the easiest, best, most effective way. We are truly lazy for our customers benefit. There's something to be said for laziness!

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