Monday, August 23, 2010

Sales Skills and Presentation Skills To Consider From Ford Fusion Video

A virtual test drive in the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid! This video comes from YouTube CompareFord and

Now, I hardly ever put anything in this blog about cars, but I was very impressed with this video. Since I spent most of my life in the automobile business and I've been a sales manager in one form or another since 1975, training to do presentations has always been a focus. Here's why this video impressed me from a sales perspective--and this applies to almost any kind of selling:

1. The greeting was excellent, real and in good spirits.
2. The vehicle was brought to the customer at the customer's convenience.
3. This is a familiar area for the customer, so they are much more comfortable.
4. THERE WERE ONLY A FEW KEY POINTS MADE. Some salespeople just love to talk about all the features, benefits, this and that and the other. People don't need that many things to make a decision. Frankly, the more you talk, the further the sale gets from you in general.
5. The demonstration was completely in flow with the rest of the conversation--and, this is key: it was conversational.
6. He treated the customer as a friend, yet not too personal. He was comfortable and that flows easily to the customer.
7. This was obviously not the time to close the sale, so there was not attempt to do so. This was a demonstration and effectively serves as a taste, a sniff, a social get together. As this, it is effective as a convincer of the sales person, the dealership, the product, and the experience.

I want to say, BRAVO! Well done. I know it was staged, but it was very well done and I would highly recommend this approach and please keep in mind not to tell too much. People have a hard enough time trying to decide and more information is usually not the deciding factor.

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