Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What A Waste Of Time, Energy, and Brand Name Association

I just read an article that shows how small a company can get in their efforts to get larger. In this case, it has to do with 2011 truck emission systems and what they're saying is "we have the best way to do that, they have a different way and we don't like it or think it is a good way because they aren't doing it fairly, and we think they should do it our way because our way is the best way and their way is flawed. They shouldn't be approved because their way has flaws."

What is pretty common in the business world is hearing that a company or its products are better and why and the competition doesn't measure up. But, this is much more silly and time wasting than that. In this case, this company has gone to the State of California and the US EPA (Mommy and Daddy perhaps) to tell them all the bad things that all those other companies are doing and how we have the only way and they shouldn't get to play because they're not nearly as cool as we are--and we are just the coolest. Can I get a witness? Can I get some judgment? In our favor? Please? 

Any person or company who tries to move ahead by taking others down is wasting time, energy and brand name association. There are two ways to have the tallest building. One, become known as a builder, and two become known as a destroyer. Which one does this article indicate to you?

They might be suing in court if they had a leg to stand on, but that would be even sillier. Just think of all the time (time is money), money, energy (people running around doing filings, etc), lawyers (money) that can get expended on this kind of project, many of which go very long. This is the cost of destroying the competition (or trying to). Now think what can be done with the same volume of money, time, people, energy to build the tallest building. Which one would you choose?

I recommend building. . .

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