Friday, January 2, 2015

Aeon Care in Sacramento - Stay Comfortable, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Aeon Care fills a need for seniors, new mothers, and others wanting to stay at home but needing just a bit of help. Obviously there is a time and place for moving into a rehab facility or “a home” but the days of some minor event spelling the end of home life are gone. At Aeon Care we work to help people stay in their homes for as long as they want to be there and it is safe for them to do so. Our goal is to help them stay comfortable, safe and healthy.


Companionship & Conversation

This is the basis for everything we do, we interact with our clients.  Our caregivers aren’t just in your house to do a job, with the client in the corner watching TV or some such.  We’re there to help your loved one be more active and participate in their care. This will help them gain self-confidence, heal faster and better, and keep them out of the hospital longer.  

While we don’t employ gourmet cooks, our caregivers can ensure at least the meal is nutritious and healthy.  Our caregivers will make a meal with the client, including them in their care to the best of their ability, allowing for dietary restrictions as necessary, and tracking accordingly. 

Light Housekeeping
This is more “housekeeping” than “housecleaning”.  We’ll sweep, mop, wipe kitchens and bathrooms, dust, vacuum, tidy and straighten.  But knocking the cobwebs out of your third-storey bay window, or scrubbing your 40-year old oven, well… not so much.  We want to help your loved one live in a safe and clean home but we’re not a house-cleaning service per se. 

Errands/Grocery Shopping
We can go on our own or with your loved one.  We will work with your family to come up with a cash plan and a proper buy list. We will assist them in making healthy label choices according to dietary restrictions and requirements. 

Driving/Doctor’s Appointments
Getting to important appointments and places is one of the primary reasons our clients need us.  At your request we can also help communicate with the doctor and their office regarding care. 

We involve the client to make sure laundry is washed, folded, and ironed according to the client’s specifications.  This can be done in the home or at the local Laundromat. 

Medication Reminders
While we cannot administer medications, we can ensure they are taken on a schedule. We can also work with doctors and the pharmacy for proper refills. 

Respite Care
Family members are often the first in line to take care of the ailing.  Extended stints of care can cause a lot of stress, which is a major cause of health issues and yet another cause of family instability.  Our caregivers can help your family take care of its loved one while you take care of other parts of your life, or just take a break.

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