Friday, June 27, 2014

The Yippie Foundation is in Need of Mentors!

We need more mentors! Join Mentors Niki Petersen and Akila Hunter in helping to teach youth "to fish"!

Thank you for your consideration of becoming a Yippie Mentor. We hope you will say “yes.” Your friendship, belief in and encouragement of a homeless, foster care or low-income level youth just might make all the difference in the world.

Here are some details to help you with your decision:

1. We request a 6-month commitment with weekly contact — at least a minimum of two (2) one-hour in-person meetings and two (2) 15 minutes telephone check-in (unless you are ill or out-of-town) — each month.

2. We invite you to continue occasional mentoring/check-ins for an additional 3 months after the work program to help your mentee transition.

3. All new mentors must attend a 1.5 hour training that will be scheduled around your calendar. We will also provide a Mentors’ Training every 2 months which we encourage you to attend.

4. You can also get Live Scan fingerprinting before your mentor training at Angelman’s Inc, (707-693-1947).

5. We will provide a Yippie Foundation Mentoring manual and exercises that will cover goal setting in specific areas. These goal setting exercises are to be completed during your Mentor/Mentee meetings. Additional activities include the suggested following:

  • Completion of a mentee financial plan 
  • 6 hours of job-shadowing 
  • 4 hours of career-related activities such as Chamber events and job fairs 
  • Help mentee obtain a library card and become familiar with the library’s employment programs 
  • Two hours of community service together 

6. We encourage the mentor/mentee group to collaborate to provide a community service event.

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