Thursday, April 11, 2013

Too Late? by Kirsty Dunphey - Some Excellent Thoughts

This weekend I attended the wedding of a lawyer turned video games producer and an organic chemist turned pastry chef turned food writer.
I’m married to a police officer who has just recently turned his attention to starting his own business and to full time architecture study.
My father in law was a forestry worker till his 30’s when he decided to become a doctor.
My newest business partner in our real estate agency started her working life in hairdressing.
Speaking of hairdressers, one of my closest friends now also owns her own commercial real estate agency and started in hairdressing.
And another close friend who I blogged about recently started as a hairdresser only to successfully open two salons, become a real estate investor and is now launching into a styling business.
“The difference between what you were yesterday and what you
will be tomorrow is what you do today.” - Stephen Pierce
I’m surrounded by examples of people that bucked their “every day” and shot for their dreams. I’m sure you are too if you just ask around.
What’s your dream?

And before I forget - congratulations to pharmacist turned travel writing Ben ( on his recent wedding (he met his wife while he was setting out achieving his dreams). 
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