Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Is Classified by Ron White

It must be really interesting to be in the CIA, Naval Intelligence or some top-secret organization. Imagine knowing the nation’s secrets—wow! I bet that has to carry with it tremendous pressure, but it must also be neat having access to the inner workings of what is really going on in the world. Well, I guess I will just have to live vicariously through James Bond movies or Matt Damon in the Bourne Identity because I will never walk in those shoes.

Listen to this next part closely...YOUR LIFE IS NOT CLASSIFIED DATA!

What do I mean? A friend of mine and I were out at a restaurant recently and he had noticed a beautiful woman. I said, “Go talk to her.”

“What would I say?” he asked.

“Anything!” I replied.


“Okay, I will get it started but after that you are on your own.” He looked up with hope in his eyes.
I went over to her table and said, “How are you?”

“Good, and you?” she replied.

“Well, I got some great news today.”

“What?” she inquired.

“I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance with a 15-minute phone call!”

She laughed and I introduced my friend and left. Hours later they were engaged in a deep conversation that would have never taken place if my friend had followed his plan of living his life as if it was classified. Get out there and talk to somebody!

I have watched salesmen stare at the telephone, instead of picking it up and telling someone—anyone—about their product. Your product is not classified! Get out there and make some cold calls!

Failure in business is guaranteed if no one knows about your product or service. However, fortunately for you—you are not sworn to secrecy. Although sometimes I think some business professionals believe they are! Make cold calls, join a leads group or Chamber of Commerce. Pass out your business cards at every opportunity and make sure that everyone knows what business you are in. If not, close your business and join the CIA because you are much better at keeping secrets.

If you have a top-secret clearance for the safety of the country, keep your mouth shut about it. If not, talk to that stranger. If in sales, pick up that phone and a million-dollar sale might be a few minutes away.

Yet if you remain frozen as if you are handling classified information, you will not only lead a boring existence, you will soon be out of business!

Now, let’s all get out there and live a little. Maybe even rent a James Bond movie to remind ourselves that our lives are not classified.

Ron White is one of the foremost memory experts in the world and number one in the United States having won the 2009 USA Memory Championship. He set national records in several categories, including memorizing a 167-digit number in 5 minutes and a deck of shuffled cards in only 1 minute and 27 seconds. Ron is the author of over a dozen popular CD sets and books on maximizing the power of memory for business and life success. Ron often shares that he is no different from anyone and that everyone can learn how to improve their memory.

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