Friday, May 11, 2012

Upward Trend Welcomes Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield As Our Latest Trend Setter Package Client

David Long, General Manager of the new Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield in Fairfield CA has a passion for giving back to the community that he works in, and has become a moving force in and around Fairfield, CA in a very short time by his giving attitude. To help Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield coordinate and execute their giving, Upward Trend has been asked to create a method to help them achieve their objectives of sharing their passion and helping those organizations that are dear to their heart, such as the Salvation Army, The Leaven, the Yippie Foundation, and others.

This philanthropic organization is called, Help Along the Way, because it is designed to help these organizations by bringing more focus and attention, along with a community of support including volunteer time, fundraising and financial contribution.

Upward Trend is building a brand new website which when published in the next couple of weeks will be at In addition, as part of the package, there is a blog which already has been started at Along with this, we have built social media including a facebook page, twitter account, and linked-in. Upward Trend will also be doing a monthly email newsletter, and video with a YouTube channel, and finally SEO optimization and consulting to complete the Trend Setter Package.

Look for much more very soon from Help Along the Way and Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield.

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