Friday, February 25, 2011

Got Truck Body? Call West Coast Truck Equipment! They've Got Jack!

West Coast Truck Equipment in West Sacramento, CA recently completed a Knapheide 8' Service Body on a GM 56" CA single rear wheel chassis for their customer. This turned out to be a beautiful body and great combination of useful features. The Knapheide body includes the master locking system and a standard height Telescopic Sliding Roof, or cargo bed enclosure. This keeps the cargo in the bed area out of sight and protected from much of the weather.

Here is the Telescopic Sliding Roof (TSR) in the closed position. Notice also that it is lockable with the same keys as the rest of the body.

One of the best features is the BedSlide that is inside the bed area under the TSR. No more climbing in the bed area on those diamond plate dimples on your knee caps. No more. Just slide the BedSlide out and access the entire load even what would normally be at the very front area. The BedSlide can handle the load too, so no worries here. It has 3 locking positions, one all the way in, halfway out and all the way out. Typically, these will handle 1200 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

Here the TSR is open so you can see how it slides inward to expose the bed area. This allows you to carry tall items from time to time as needed.

Finally, here is the BedSlide at full extension. See how useful this entire setup is and how it makes getting to your cargo so much easier and keeping it all out of sight is a benefit, along with the Master Locking System that double locks all the compartments on the sides. The main use of the Master Locking System is convenience. Instead of unlocking and locking the side doors all day long as you need to get tools and parts for the jobs, you can leave the side doors unlocked and just lock the Master Lock on each compartment so there is only one lock to unlock. This requires a padlock, and Knapheide offers a great one manufactured by Bolt Lock by Strattec that is keyed to your OEM truck key. That makes it really convenient.

Notice this wonderful ladder rack. It is very easy to lower the rack with the lever that Becky is demonstrating, and just as easy to put it back up out of the way ready for travel.

They've got Jack! Give Jack Schmidt, owner of West Coast Truck Equipment a call at 916-376-0690 and visit their website at

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