Thursday, February 12, 2009

Staying In Touch. . .

I watched a good video presentation on one of my favorite sites. The site is TSTN, The Success Training Network. It is very inexpensive to be a subscriber and there are tons of great videos to keep you pumped and inspired.

This one was a talk put on by Harvey Mackay, who became very popular writing a book titled, "Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive." He said something in the talk that jumped out at me. He said that his father told him when he was 18 to start a listing of everyone he ever meets and to keep track of them and to find a way to communicate periodically with them and it would serve him extremely well in later years. Of course, he said that it had been a very powerful lesson and he has followed it since he was 18. He said that a good life is an accumulation of who you know and what you read.

I thought, my goodness. . . that would have been a project and then some, but there are probably others who have done something similar. It would be interesting to see what possibilities and interest there would be in my life had I done this. Maybe you can relate. Maybe it isn't too late to start!

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