Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bubble Wrap Heaven

In yesterday's post, I talked of shipping supplies and bubble mailers specifically. Today I want to add one of the hardest things to find: the best price and value in bubble wrap. Last year I used 10,000 12"x12" sheets of it, so I need a good price and I found it in a place you wouldn't have thought of for this product.

The best price and value goes to Sam's Club. It is made by 3M using the Scotch brand. It comes in a box, which I cut up and reuse in shipping which is helpful for my shipping needs since I ship a lot of books and use cardboard backing for softcover books. It has 240 sheets on a roll in each box and the cost is under $13.00 per box. That gets each sheet down to about $.06 each. The previous best price I could find was $.07 and then that company began raising the price each quarter. I am thrilled to have found this bargain!

I have found some very good prices online and even through Value Mailers that I talked of yesterday, but none are below $.07 except Sam's Club. A big thank you to Sam's Club for providing maximum value and thank you to 3M for the outstanding product.

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